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Dynamic DNS Services.

Access your equipment from the internet.

More and more electronic equipment, applications and mini servers installed in your home, require remote access in order to be able to be controlled.

For this to be possible, you must acquire a fixed IP address.

Your telecom operator will probably offer you a solution at an exorbitant price.

The real solution is to employ a dynamic IP address manager.
Whenever your address changes, it is updated in our data centers and is always accessible by the host name that you registered without worrying about the IP address in use.

Unlike the competition offering you very expensive packages and of which you will not exploit all the possibilities, we decided to offer you the most basic service possible at the fairest price.

Convince yourself of the quality of our services by trying the solution for free for a period of 30 days without commitments. 


Develop your devices or applications using our API to include all Dynamic DNS services.

Router Devices

All new router have the Dynamic DNS tool integrated to forward information at our systems.

Remote App.

Some Application need fixed IP adress to be controlled remotely.

IoT Equipment

Some IoT equipment can be controlled over the Internet.

We offer the best service possible at the fairest price.

$ 2 / Renewable

3 Months Plan

  • 1 Host
  • 24/7Support
$ 3 / Renewable

6 Months Plan

  • 1 Host
  • 24/7Support
$ 5 / Renewable

1 Year Plan

  • 1 Host
  • 24/7Support

API (Application Programming Interface)

Based on REST over HTTP.

If you are an electronic equipment designer or a computer developer, you may be interested in wrapping dynamic DNS management functionality in your own application or equipment.

If this is the case, do not hesitate to ask us for access to our platform, as well as the developer's manual, so that you can interface with our system.

Our API is based on REST over HTTP technology to comply with current standards.

As for computer developers for the Windows operating system, we also provide a library (.dll) including all the functionalities of our platform usable with a few lines of code. 

  • Select available domains.
  • Create new host.
  • Manage host validity.
  • Auto free period use for new host.

A great business opportunity!

If you want to get started in the dynamic DNS business, this same platform is available in white label.
Don't worry about the technique anymore, Globobyte takes care of everything.
Focus mainly on the marketing and commercial part of the product. 

The white label solution includes all the functionalities, Windows client software, API, manuals, ...
If you are interested in this opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us to receive a personalized offer according to your needs. 

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